Employment Support Services

Finding and Keeping a Job

Comepass Employment services is funded by the Department of Social Services to assist people with a disability to find and keep a job.

Our service is free to jobseekers with a disability and to employers.
Our experienced and diverse team of employment consultants pride themselves on placing our clients in the right job to ensure ongoing and successful employment. Whether you are looking for work, or looking for staff, we aim to make the process as easy as possible for all involved.

Disability Employment Australia

For Job Seekers

If you are a job seeker we will help get the right job for you and support you all the way. Assistance will be tailored to your individual requirements and may involve workplace modifications, on the job training and ongoing post placement support.

Your Comepass employment consultant will mentor you throughout each phase of the employment process, from resume writing, referral to training if required, job search, interview support, on the job training and beyond.

Comepass can also act as your advocate and provide you with assistance to access other services should the need arise (for example: housing, medical, transport, training and assistance with Centrelink)

We operate under the principles and objectives of the Commonwealth Disabilities Services Act 1986 and we apply the National Standards for Disability Services to all the work we undertake. In recognition of the diversity of our clients, we employ bi-lingual and multicultural staff to work with clients from non-English speaking backgrounds.

Our aim is to assist clients to achieve their employment outcomes and to address any barriers to employment. To achieve this objective, we:

  • Work closely with clients and their advocates to identify their training and support needs and understand their employment goals and aspirations;
  • Involve clients in all stages of service provision;
  • Provide necessary information to clients for them to make informed decisions about their future;
  • Respect and defend the rights of people who use our service;
  • Work in partnership with other related service providers and stakeholders, including government departments to ensure the best possible outcomes for clients; and
  • Apply and adhere to our client Privacy and Confidentiality policy

For Employers

As Comepass is federally funded our services are free to employers, which means immediate savings on regular recruitment costs such as advertising and screening candidates. In some cases, we may also be able to help offset initial employment costs with a wage subsidy. If required, we will work with you to undertake a job and worksite analysis and provide our candidate with pre-employment training. Once successfully employed, on the job training and ongoing support can be provided by Comepass for as long as needed.

Many organisations are increasingly realising that diversity in the workforce makes good business sense. Research shows that workers with a disability can benefit employers by improving their operations and strengthening business links within the community.

Other benefits for employers include:

  • Employees with disabilities often have better attendance and safety records
  • Employers who hire people with a disability often find that they have a higher staff retention rate, which saves on recruitment and training costs
  • The employment of staff with a disability is often viewed positively by co-workers and can have a positive effect on workplace morale
  • Employing people with a disability can assist an organisation to gain a better understanding of their customers. For example, one in every 5 people has a disability and customers come from every walk of life, so it makes sense that your staff should too. A large percentage of your customers are likely to either have a disability or know someone with a disability.

School Based Traineeships / Apprenticeships

What is a Traineeship / Apprenticeship?

School-based apprenticeships and traineeships allow high school students to combine school and training with working in a real job, with a real boss, for a real wage. The training that is completed counts towards the Senior School Certificate. It incorporates paid work (8 hours/week) with accredited training.

How can Comepass help me obtain a Traineeship / Apprenticeship?

Your Comepass Employment Consultant can work with your School, help to source a host employer and connect you to a Training Organisation. They will also help with on-the-job training and support to make sure that your Traineeship is a success.

  • Are you eligible to undertake a Traineeship / Apprenticeship with Comepass Employment Services?
  • Does your school receive additional funding because of your disability?
  • Are you in year 11 (for school-based traineeships) or year 12/13 (for part-time work)?
  • Are you able to work 8+ hours/week?

If you answered yes to these questions, then you should be eligible to register with Comepass!