Westside Community Services Limited

Projects and Sponsorship

Projects & Sponsorship

Subject to our yearly budget, projects eligible for our sponsorships include:

  • Support and networking opportunities for people with disabilities and their carers, such as social club dinners when possible
  • Employment and Work Experience for people with disabilities
  • Donations to organisations and charitable groups which work with people experiencing hardship
  • Development of group training programs for people with disabilities to help them lead an independent life
  • Brisbane-based in Australia and Central regions based in Vietnam are preferable

Only projects which do not have an ongoing funding commitment will be considered.


2020 Projects


Westside’s Charity and Community Work

2020 has been a challenging year around the world. Westside Community Services Limited has shifted its core business, from providing employment and training services to people with disabilities, to providing financial support to disadvantaged people in Brisbane and Vietnam.

So far this year, Westside has donated about $100,000 to various community organisations and charity groups, in Brisbane and Vietnam to:

  • Support a number of people with disabilities in employment and training
  • Sponsor 5 school children from and Indigenous background, to complete their studies
  • Help provide more than 1000 care packages and food vouchers to disadvantaged people who were affected by COVID-19
  • Support 18 Asylum seekers, located in the north side of Brisbane
  • Provide the supporting network for parents of young people with disabilities in Brisbane
  • Provide bicycles to more than 100 students from poor families in rural and remote Vietnam
  • Raise awareness of Human Trafficking in the Central Vietnam to at risk groups and social workers, via training and information leaflets
  • Create employment for Vietnamese women with disabilities, human trafficking victims and older women
  • Contribute to the running of classes to children in the mountain regions of Central Vietnam
  • Help fund and promote the on-going project “Beanies for Kiddies” to ensure young children have beanies during winter, and disadvantaged women can undertake paid work by knitting them
  • And many more…

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