About Westside Community Services

Helping participants lead an independent life

Our People

Westside has a team of over 20 staff. All of us are committed to delivering high quality services to our participants.

Our management team comprises:

Chairperson and Executive Director

  • Ms Lien Smith

Lifeskills’ Program Manager

  • Ms Michelle Kaiser

Board Members

  • Mr John Leask
  • Mr Robert Reilly

Ms Lien Smith

Chairperson and Executive Director

MSoc Admin, BA (Psychology), DipEd, Dip Admin, DipGovt Contract

Lien has over 35 years’ experience working with refugees and people with disabilities. She has worked in community organisations and federal government agencies, as well as at Westside.

Mr John Leask

Board Director

B Bus (Dist)

John has 50 years’ experience in finance, taxation, and managing small businesses. He started his own accounting services’ business 20 years ago and is working towards retirement.

Mr Robert Reilly

Board Director

BSc (For), BCom, BEcon, MBA

Robert has 40 years’ experience in managing teams of up to 200 people. He led teams undertaking policy, planning and regulatory activities in the Queensland public service. Robert has particular interests in managing and leading people, marketing and strategic planning.

Ms Michelle Kaiser

Manager Lifeskills’ Program

Cert IV (Disability)

Michelle manages Westside’s Lifeskills’ team of over 15 staff. She has worked with people with mental health issues and other disabilities for nearly 10 years. Michelle has managed the Lifeskills’ team since August 2018.


Here is what our participants, and their parents/carers, said about our services, over the last few years:

We would highly recommend Westside to everyone who wants the best for their young person. Our daughter is living proof, in the right environment with encouraging facilitators and assistants our young adults can continue to grow, learn and be happy.

Jen & Dave Ingram, Parents

I enjoyed my time here at Westside since starting in 2015. I have come out of my shell more and have become more creative since then, thanks to the lovely and awesome facilitators who are also great listeners when it comes to dealing with severe depression and I’d like to thank you all for being there for me during my hard times. I was sad to leave last year and I miss everyone. But I guess we all have to close one chapter and start a new one in our book of life. I hope one day I can pop in for a chat.

Yours truly,
The “latecomer leprechaun”
Rebecca Opal Lenga, Participant

My son Thomas attends Westside Social Programs Westside has guided, extended and have assisted Thomas to be the fine young man he is today. Thomas, with the assistance of Westside, has a job at the local McDonalds’ restaurant. Without the support of Westside, it would have been difficult for Thomas to be integrated as a valuable member into our community.

Ros Gow, Parent

Great staff, great clients.

Eve May, Participant