Bicycles for Learning Project

Bicycles for Learning Project

In all countries, a good education is the key to long-term success in life.

In Vietnam, many students in rural and regional areas travel over 10 kilometres, each way, to reach their secondary schools. They travel over tracks only suitable for walking, bicycles or motorbikes.

Students from poor families cannot afford a bicycle, and so must walk. They can spend over five hours walking each day, which is too much for many students. So, they leave school.

Westside, in co-operation with the schools in the Da Nang region and the Vietnamese Department of Education and Training, has a program which donates bicycles to children from poor families so they can continue their education. To be eligible for a bicycle, a child must also perform well academically, and have excellent school attendance.

Outside of school hours, the bicycle is also used by the child’s family to help them earn a living. For example, they can take food for sale in a market.

So, the gift of a bicycle helps an entire family, not just the child.

By 1 July 2021, Westside will have donated over 170 bicycles, at a cost of $100/bicycle.

In 2021/22, about 250 bicycles will be donated by Westside, but the need is there for many more.

This project will be formally evaluated in 2021/22 to see where it can be further improved.